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  • See a lifestyle photo session from inquiry to blog post
  • Client's questionnaire & schedule, a video of me shooting the session, a culling video, a batch editing workflow video, and a short blogging video
  • Business tips and advice for starting and maintaining a photography business
  • Tips for marketing your lifestyle photos, and standing out in your area
  • Ideas to help brainstorm local business collaborations
  • Tips for taking storytelling and lifestyle photos that evoke emotion
  • A guide to directing clients and working in a lifestyle setting
  • Editing tips and workflow management 
  • Pricing, product, and sales advice

  • 86 Page PDF
  • Exercise Worksheets
  • Shooting video (me photographing a family in their home)
  • A video of me culling the images from the lifestyle family session from the film
  • Batch editing video with images from the lifestyle family session
  • Batch blogging/resizing video with images from the lifestyle family session
  • A cropping video for Lightroom
  • Preset samplings with instructions to install

  • All of the goodness of an in-person workshop, but for a fraction of the cost ($150)
  • An online, virtual, instant and downloadable workshop via PDFs & videos for photographers
  • A stepping stone for photographers who want to know more about the business aspect of photography
  • A workshop that answers questions like, “How do I market lifestyle photography?”, “What products do I sell?”, “How do I direct clients and make them feel comfortable, while still getting authentic and emotional photos?”
  • A how-to guide with tips on creating a sustainable and profitable business

  • Photographers who want to start a business
  • Studio photographers who want to switch to lifestyle photography
  • Photographers that value storytelling and want to take better photos of their family
  • Photographers that dream of a lifestyle photography business, but worry about the demand (opposed to the traditional posed photos)

Hi, I’m Brit. I am a lifestyle photography business owner, a Clickin Moms Mentor and TA for Business 101: Set for Success. In the past, I was a Marketing Coordinator for Design Aglow, a resource company for photography business owners. I have combined these skills to create this workshop to teach you the most important fundamentals of owning a successful photography business. While there will be a great emphasize on storytelling sessions, this workshop will benefit anyone who wants to create a profitable photography business.


  • Ch. 1: Starting Out
  • Ch. 2: Your Target Market
  • Ch. 3: Marketing & Advertising
  • Ch. 4: Website 101
  • Ch. 5: Social Media 101


  • Ch. 1: Pricing & Structure
  • Ch. 2: Products & Sales
  • Ch. 3: In Person Sales


  • Ch. 1: Pricing & Structure
  • Ch. 2: Products & Sales
  • Ch. 3: In Person Sales

Editing Start to Finish

  • Chapter 1: Importing
  • Chapter 2: Culling
  • Chapter 3: Batch Editing
  • Chapter 4: Exporting
  • Chapter 5: Backing Up Files
  • Chapter 6: Preparing Files for Blog and Social Media

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