Finding Lifestyle is about the journey from a studio photography business, to no business, to a lifestyle photography business. It goes over a variety of topics like wide angle photography, how to interact with lifestyle clients, and tips for a business refresh. Inside you will find heartfelt moments, challenges, exercises, and inspiring quotes. Brit talks about her struggle with comparison, her love affair with her favorite lens, and how she uses the details to help narrate the subject's story. She has included videos of her shooting a lifestyle session, and a video batch editing that session in Lightroom. Whether you are a hobbyist, professional in business, or somewhere in between, this breakout will have something for you.

What's Included:

  • Inspiring wallpaper and prints with quotes
  • Video on batch editing in Lightroom
  • In depth editing video in Lightroom
  • Lifestyle session video shooting
  • Short product PDF
  • 3 presets

126 page PDF about:

  • Finding/changing photography styles
  • Tips for storytelling photos of your family or your client's
  • Wide angle lens tips and comparisons
  • How to interact with lifestyle clients
  • Tips for refreshing a business
  • Creative exercises and challenges

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What people are saying about Finding Lifestyle:


"I was completely blown away by Finding Lifestyle. Brittany has such a great conversational tone in her writing and there is SO MUCH information! I really enjoyed getting to read about her journey towards Lifestyle photography. It was a really lovely balance of her personal journey and practical application. The photos are beautiful and I love how she is not afraid to be real with you." -Beth Gathright


"This was my first breakout with Clickin Moms and Brittany has set the bar very high. While I'm a hobbyist photographer still very much in the early-learning phase, I feel like this has information, tips, techniques to inspire everyone at every level. As I read the information, the first thing that struck me was Brittany's completely fun, easy going attitude that made learning and reading through the material so enjoyable. For anyone interested in pursuing more lifestyle photography, interacting on a more personal level with clients to get shots that matter to them or for those who just want to take better pictures of their kids that capture the details of their lives - this breakout is for you. I look forward to putting into practice her inspiring ideas and going back at various stages in my evolution as a photographer to incorporate more and more of the resources she offers here. As an aside, while not a focus of this breakout, the information she shares about Lightroom, her editing style and the Lightroom presets she includes were all so valuable to me. Thank you Brittany for this breakout - well worth it to me! -Beth Mosher


"Finding lifestyle was such an amazing breakout session. Not only was I looking for inspiration for my lifestyle shoots with clients but I was also looking to get some inspiration for capturing lifestyle shots in my own house, of my own kids. This breakout provided so much inspiration for both! I have been capturing so many great shots of my kids this week and was quickly reminded what sparked my passion for photography in the first place! Brittany went above and beyond in her PDF to really make the user feel as though they were having a one on one mentoring session.

Since purchasing this breakout, less than a week ago, I have made many changes to better my website, I have created a questionnaire to send to clients, and am days away from purchasing a new wide angle lens. Just from what I have learned in this break out I am much more confident going into my lifestyle sessions and I am excited to see the new photos I will be able to capture from Brittany's words of wisdom. The free presets was icing on the cake and they are already my favorite presets for my own lifestyle shots. For anyone needing inspiration in either personal work or professional this is the break out for you! For the price you are given so many resources and tips making it well worth the purchase! Thank you Brittany! I admire your work and I hope to be half as good as you are one day!" -Stephanie Horton


"Brittany, this lifestyle breakout couldn't have come at a better time! I officially 'opened' my business this past October and the past year had been spent learning about business and what I needed to get going and then once I got going I was seeking out clients based on what seemed to be the 'popular' trend around here (which is posing, smile, cheese... the whole 9 yards). Basically I was creating my business based on what I thought was expected rather then what I wanted my business to be. After a few sessions over the Fall I took a break and sought out no more clients as I started to realize that even though meeting those people was amazing and so much fun, the sessions themselves just weren't me and I also found myself realizing that out of all those sessions my favorite one was the lifestyle newborn session I did. I had so much fun and it was so carefree and relaxed. I realized I needed to get back to what I have always loved which is lifestyle. Capturing real, raw, moments within people's lives. Right around this realization, your breakout came out and of course I knew I needed it and it has been such an inspiring boost to read through your information and watch your video. It was the icing on the cake for me and now I know for 100% certain that my business goals for 2015 I am going to get back to what I originally loved about photography and not just what I thought I needed to do. Lifestyle has always held a special place in my heart and im so glad it's back on the fore front. I don't want to be just another 'local photographer'. I want to be the storyteller and your breakout really gave me the push I needed. Thank you." -Kasey McCoy