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The Boho Chic Collection of Lightroom and ACR presets is a wonderful addition to any workflow. Whether you are using them as “one-click” edits, or stacking and tweaking to create a unique look, you will instantly fall for these ethereal and beautiful presets. They look phenomenal on indoor or outdoor images. Give your images that professional and polished look with little effort or knowledge of Lightroom and ACR. This product is an instant digital download, and includes both Lightroom version and ACR version presets! Purchase the set and start using them within minutes.

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included presets:

  • Birds of a Feather {BW}: A beautiful black and white edit, with a hint of contrast and whimsy.
  • Dreamcatcher: Adds a unique and airy look at any image.
  • Ethereal: Gives a pop of brightness and adds a dream-like feel.
  • Festival: This preset adds a warm pop and light vignette.
  • Floral Crown {stackable}: This stackable preset adds a light and airy pop of purple, while still being able to stack other presets on top.
  • Flower Child: Gives a delicate hint of pink, and adds a little brightness.
  • Free Love: This preset adds warmth and a subtle delicate vibe to any image.
  • Gypsy: Add a bright, ethereal element to your images with this preset.
  • Hint of Lavender {BW}: The name describes this preset perfectly. Add a black and white effect with a subtle lavender hue to your images.
  • Hippie: A subtle and delicate splash of pink light.
  • In the Nude {BW}: This preset creates a natural-toned black and white image.
  • Lavender Fields {stackable}: Another stackable preset that adds a hint of light purple haze.
  • Natural: The perfect, subtle preset to take any image to the next level with a pop of contrast and neutral tones.
  • Organic: Adds a punch of light and contrast, while keeping skin tones beautiful.
  • Sunny: Adds a delicate brightness and airy feel to your images.
  • Turquoise Ring: Adds a unique and cool feel with a touch of vignetting.
  • Wanderlust: This preset gives images a purple haze, bright colors, and looks especially beautiful on outdoor images.
  • Wildflower Fields {BW}: The last black and white preset gives images a punch of contrast and subtle pinkish hue.