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The Best Skillshare Classes for Bloggers + Creatives

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The Best Skillshare Classes for Bloggers + Creatives

I discovered Skillshare back in 2014, and I became obsessed with it. I was balancing a household with two young boys, a part time marketing career, and a photography business. But making time to learn was a priority of mine. Before Skillshare, I would fold laundry and get lost in some good ole’ Netflix, but once I discovered the jackpot that is Skillshare, I would look forward to folding laundry because that meant I could learn new skills and brainstorm ideas.

Once I started working more hours (and the laundry was lucky to get folded once every two weeks), I continued to find time to absorb what I could from the endless classes on Skillshare. My most recent discovery was the option to download the audio from my classes so I could listen in the car on my long commutes into work. Now that there are tons of classes on Skillshare, and it’s hard to sift through and find the best content, but these are my tried and true favorite classes for creatives, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

Skillshare experts: what classes do you love? Do you have a favorite teacher? You already know my love for Seth Godin from my favorite books post. I would love to get more recommendations in the comments!