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Setting Up an Opt In Freebie on Squarespace & Mailchimp

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Setting Up an Opt In Freebie on Squarespace & Mailchimp

Building an email list can be beneficial to your blog or business for many reasons. Depending on what your goal for your email list is, it can be a great idea to grow your list, and to include all of your regular blog visitors. My favorite, and personally most effective way to grow an email list is by using an opt in freebie. This is basically some kind of download that new blog subscribers have access to once they sign up. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for how I set up my own Mailchimp opt in on my Squarespace website. 

Setting up an opt in freebie on mail chimp & squarespace

Create a dropbox folder with your download items

Name it something relevant and appropriate, as your fans and followers will be able to see what you name it. I went with “Brit Chandler Desktop Wallpaper” because I wanted to include my blog name and what the download was (in case someone is searching for it on their computer). I copied and pasted my freebie, a quote graphic that is optimized for desktop background, and my terms of use. I always include my terms of use to let people know it’s not ok to share or sell my product. 

Set Up Your List in Mailchimp

If you do not already have a Mailchimp account, you will first need to sign up at Once your account is set up, within your dashboard, click on Lists. If you already have a list set up, click on it, and move on to the next step. If you need to create a list, click Create List, and name it something relevant. 

Create a Thank You Confirmation Redirect:

Within your list, click on Sign Up Forms. Choose General Forms. This is where you will either create a confirmation email, or redirect to a page on your website. 

In the dropdown, choose Confirmation “thank you” page. You have two options in this step. You may either build out the thank you page and link the download in an email on this page in mailchimp, or you can create a page on your website to link to within this form. I chose to redirect my subscribers to a page on my website. 

Creating a Sign Up Page

If you already have a list, this could be your first step. Within Squarespace > Pages, and click the + button to add a new page. Include all of the information pertaining to your newsletter and free download. I added a picture of the desktop wallpaper, and a quick little phrase about the sign up process. Then, I added a newsletter form block for Mailchimp, and chose my specific list to add the new sign ups to. You can learn more about newsletter sign up blocks here. Squarespace makes this process as easy as possible, with no need to pasting code. 


Creating a Thank You/Welcome Page: This is where subscribers have access to your download. On this page, I have a thank you graphic, and a link to download their wallpaper. This link directs them to my Dropbox folder that contains the wallpaper and terms of use. Make sure your page URL is the same as the one you entered into Mailchimp for the Confirmation page redirect.

How do you use Mailchimp and Squarespace? I would love to hear your tips!