My Home Office | Mini Studio Tour

Brit Chandler's home office/product studio tour.

Since my family and I recently moved across the country from Washington to Pennsylvania, we had to sacrifice a lot of things. Luckily, my position as Social Media Strategist and Blog Photographer was secure, and I was offered the opportunity to work remotely. Because I knew I would be spending a lot of time in my office/studio in our new house, I made sure to utilize it as best I could. I had some must haves for this new space. They included:

  • Room for my desk
  • Lots of organization systems
  • A space for my natural light studio
  • A blank wall for a motivational display

When I walked into my house for the first time, I couldn't believe how perfect it was. For one, it was painted the slightest, prettiest hue of pink. I am a pink gal through and through, so that was a nice surprise. Another thing I loved was having double windows. The more light the better when it comes to home studios. The third thing I loved was the chalkboard wall that was between my windows. And finally, the closet with the perfect storage unit built in, as if it were made for me. 

brit chandler's studio tour

Here is my desk space. That antique wooden beauty was a yard sale score, and I couldn't be happier with it. I was planning on painting it (picture white & gold goodness), but once I had it and saw it's rusty, original knobs and water rings, I knew I wanted to keep that character in tack. My office is mostly white, pink, and gold, with hints of wood accents. Above my desk is a metal geometric garland from Target, and my chair is an Amazon find. The desk lamp is also Target, and the turquoise cart is from Ikea. I received the Parris Chic Boutique mug when I attended a Bloom Bash workshop in Seattle last year. The pink envelope folio is from Sugar Paper LA (currently sold out).

brit chandler's home studio tour

Here are some close ups of my desk details. My Day Designer planner is hands-down, the best money I have ever spent. With all of the responsibilities on my plate, I needed a way to organize, plan, and keep track of my life. 

brit chandler's home studio tour

On the left, you can see my product studio space. The table is the unfinished Ikea Ingo, and I have a wooden backdrop sitting on top, which can be switched out easily. I am in here shooting blog photos for Evermine every week, and it's so nice to have a space like this to create in. On the right is my amazing chalkboard wall, and shelf. Eventually that wall will be filled with motivational and inspiring pieces, but for now it represents the blank canvas that is my future. 

brit chandler's home studio tour

I lucked out with this closet organization system. The drawers house my packaging supplies for Evermine, and the shelving unit on top perfectly houses my mugs, glasses, jars and other product photography props and trinkets. On the left, all of my oversized wooden backdrops are propped again the wall. I still can't believe this came with the house. 

As my space gets more defined, with more pieces and decor, I will update my studio post. Thanks so much for reading, and let me know in the comments what your must have office and studio products are! I would love to add them to my wish list.