Lifestyle Newborn Session: Naomi's First Photos | Portland, OR Family Photographer

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Two things I love: lifestyle newborn sessions and when photographers hire me to take their photos. I love lifestyle newborn photos because I get so much joy out of capturing the little details of a family's first few weeks with their newest addition. They have new traditions, new routines, new roles. I love photographing other photographers (once I get past the nerves) because it is one of the biggest compliments. Someone who has an eye for photography has trusted me with their memories.

This new fam was no exception to my love of newborns rule. Watching parents fall in love with their baby is one of the most sincere moments. Baby Naomi was not in the mood for having her picture taken while I was there, but her parents laughed it off and we had a fun session.


Isn't this nursery decor amazing? I would say 95% of it was DIYed. And those paintings above the dresser? Mom painted them! Aren't they fantastic. And surprisingly enough, this wasn't my first time a mom painted art for her babe's nursery.


Baby details make me swoon. I am sure you aren't surprised that my baby fever was spiked the morning of the shoot ;)


That face! She wasn't a happy camper while mom & dad dressed her.


I just had to capture some real life moments, like dad doing dishes was mom feeds babe. That's about as honest as it gets with a newborn.


Thanks for looking!

All of these images were edited with my Lightroom and ACR presets, available here.