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How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Squarespace

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How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Squarespace


Squarespace, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I could write a sonnet about the ease and user-friendly interface that Squarespace has created. I took the time to learn the backend of WordPress and Prophoto, but it was still so backwards and glitchy. And annoying, to be honest. I will be writing up a full post on Squarespace soon, but for now, here isa tutorial on how to add your custom domain to your Squarespace Website. 

How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Squarespace

In your dashboard, go to Settings, then Domains

How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Squarespace

If you already have a domain, click Connect Third Party Domain. If you do not, select Get a Domain. This tutorial is specifically for those who already have a domain name. But follow the Get a Domain prompts to get set up with your own web address. 

After selecting Connect Third Party Domain, type in your custom domain name. 


Select your domain provider from the Dropdown list. I purchased my domain from Go Daddy, so I selected them, and on the next window, I entered my Go Daddy account information.

Once complete, you will get a “Connection in Progress” message on your Domains page. 

Tada! You are done. One of the many benefits of using Squarespace. I specifically remember crying when trying to set up my domain on WordPress. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? What are your other favorite features in Squarespace?