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How to Move Your Blog From ProPhoto (WordPress) to Squarespace

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how to move your blog from prophoto/wordpress to squarespace

After recently moving my blog from WordPress & ProPhoto to Squarespace, I realized how easy of a switch it was. I've been thinking about making the switch for a while now, but finally decided to go for it this month. Squarespace makes it easy to add design elements to your website, and all without knowing code. It's also more attractive financially, and I love how responsive it is on mobile devices. 

Squarespace makes it unbelievably easy to move not only your blog posts, but also all of your website's pages from WordPress. This tutorial will show you how to get all of your content onto your new Squarespace account. 

1. To get started, go to your Squarespace dashboard and choose Settings

2. Scroll down and find "Website". Click on Advanced

3. Choose Import/Export. On the next screen, click Import

4. On the pop up, choose WordPress.

5. Type in your website URL, and your WordPress account information. This is the same information you enter when you are signing into your site at Click Begin Import.

6. You will get a progress bar as everything uploads. Depending on the amount of content, it could take a long time. 

7. Once complete, there will be a Success indicator, along with this type of text. 

8. To find all of your imported content, go back out to your original dashboard, and choose Pages. Scroll down to Not Linked, and you should see all of your content. This may take a few minutes for everything to show up. The content that is in light gray is "disabled", which means it is present, but not public on your site. To make is "enabled", simply click on the page and click Enable

Your blog will have a big "a" to the left of it, like pictured above. My blog also had it's original site title from my old site.

9. To rename your blog and add it to your main navigation, click on the settings icon to the right in the sidebar. 

10. Rename your blog to whatever text you want to show up in your main navigation menu. I changed mine to "blog". Super original, I know ;) 

11. To have your blog linked within the main menu, simply drag it up under Main Navigation. If your current blog that is linked under the main nav is empty, you can delete it. If you have blog posts on there, you will have to move them over to the new blog. 

Who has made the switch to Squarespace? For those that haven't, what is holding you back? 

Thanks for reading!