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How to Capture the Details | Lifestyle Photography

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Capturing the little details is part of what made me fall in love with lifestyle photography. I knew in the very beginning that I needed more than just portraits to feel satisfied with a photo session. Here are my favorite ways to incorporate the details in my personal and client photos.

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1. Change Your Perspective. I talk a lot about interesting angles and perspectives in my Finding Lifestyle Breakout. During lifestyle sessions, I am often moving around my clients while they just enjoy each other's company. Don't be afraid to change your angle!


2. Capture Decor. Whether your clients are crafty, or stylish, or creative, or wealthy, their home decor says a lot about them and their personalities. Families put so much time and effort into their decor, and I love capturing those details. My favorite pieces of decor to capture are from nurseries, like I mentioned in my 5 Can't Miss Details During Lifestyle Newborn Sessions article.


3. Snap the details that tell the story. Wet eyelashes, messy ice cream faces, flour covered aprons. What are your clients doing, and how can you capture the little details to help narrate the story? Make a list of details that you always love to capture, but be sure to find details on the fly as well.


4. Use a collage/diptych to tell a story. Showing images capturing the entire scene and the smaller details side-by-side can tell a story easily and fluently. At first glance, the photo on the left may not tell a story, but once you see the photo on the right, you realize he is standing in front of his measuring stick that his parents had made for him. This is why I love selling my clients gorgeous albums to tell their story.


5. Get closer. This is probably the simplest way to capture details during a lifestyle session. What is the focus of the image? Get closer and capture just that detail, after taking a photo of the entire scene first of course!

What are your tips for capturing details during a lifestyle photography session? Leave your ideas in the comments, I would love to read them!

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