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3 Tips for Better Lifestyle Photography | Portland, OR Family Photographer

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In honor of my breakout, Finding Lifestyle, being live this week, I wanted to put together a few quick tips for improving your lifestyle photography. For these examples, I am using photos of Landon painting that I took almost a year ago!

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3_tips_lifestyle_photography creative perspectives compositions

1. Creative compositions

I often get asked about how to create a creative composition in a lifestyle setting. For me, a lifestyle setting is the easiest place to take a photo with a unique perspective or composition. I love using the elements in the room to frame a subject, or lead the eye to something interesting within the frame. Move around the subject to try out new ideas.


2. Remove Distractions

Photoshop is great, but it's much more time effective to pick up the shoes and move them out of the frame rather than cloning them out of 5-10 images later. For the above image, I took out everything that I could physically remove myself. This way, the only thing I had to touch up during editing was the outlet, which was a quick swipe in Lightroom.


3. Capture the details

Shooting the entire scene within the frame is a wonderful way to tell a story, but not the only way. Remember to include the same details that add a voice to the narrative. Take a photo of your son eating cereal in the kitchen, then come in for a shot of his hand holding the spoon as he scoops up the marshmallows from his Lucky Charms. These are the details you or your client will want to remember years from now.

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