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3 Must Have Products for Bloggers & Creatives

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3 Must Have Products for Bloggers & Creatives.

Running a blog or business is not an easy task, but there are certain apps, products, websites, and people that make my job so much easier. This post is dedicated to the 3 (technically 4) physical products that I couldn’t blog without.

My Day Designer

Seriously, I love this planner more than I could put into words. Because my brain short circuits on the reg, the Day Designer is my back up brain. Due dates, daily to-do lists, meal planning, hour tracking. It’s all there, and in one place! If you have a job, buy this planner. If you have kids, buy this planner. If you have a home and leave it from time to time, buy this planner.

My Beats

I work from home. Let me rephrase that-I work from home with kids. Those are two very different things in my experience. The only way to block out their earth-shattering shrieks, and in turn finish a thought, is to crank up my jam list in my beats. They were all I asked for for Christmas, and Santa delivered.

Note: If you are a WAHM, and the only one home, maybe keep the volume down in case someone peed on their brother. I'm just saying.

My Moleskins

I am a paper kind of gal, hence the physical planner and not the critically acclaimed Google Calendar app.  Writing my ideas down on something physical makes it real, or something. I love having a piece of paper to scribble notes on, but having a notebook dedicated to specific projects makes my type a personality sing. I prefer the small Moleskin notebooks, so they fit perfectly in the inside pocket of my Kate Spade, aka the only purse I own that isn’t from Target. 


Yep, I am 107% sure I could never blog without coffee. Like I mentioned before, my brain rarely works for long periods of time, but coffee gives it that little kick that it needs to complete a task.

Tell me, what is your must have product for blogging or running a business?