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5 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist

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3 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist


After managing Evermine’s several social media accounts, I have become familiar with what content resonates with a community, no matter what industry you are in. I have used these tips to help Evermine’s brand succeed online, and I am starting to implement them on my own Facebook page as well. Here are my top 5 tips for Facebook. 

3 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist


The company that I work for, Evermine, recently sponsored a post on Wedding Chicks blog, and it included a Facebook post about our product. Initially, I sent Wedding Chicks the image on the left to include with a link to our sponsored post. The post highlighted a Wedding Welcome Basket that we put together for their blog, and the image was a photo of the entire basket. You can see that after 9 hours of being posted on Wedding Chicks page, with over 1 million fans, it received 17 likes. My contact at Wedding Chicks wasn’t happy with the engagement, and decided to post the image you see on the right. It’s a close up photo of our mini vodka bottles, with our label that reads “Trust me, you can dance. ~Vodka”. That image highlighted our clever product, and as you can see, people loved it. After 1 hour of being posted, it had over 300 likes, 17 shares, and 22 comments. The first image was pure promotion, but the second image was there to entertain. With so much content online, it’s important to stand out and engage your audience.

3 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist


Typically, the main reason someone chooses to follow you on social media is because they enjoy the content that you are sharing. Whether they are a fan of the photographs you post, the articles you share, or the products you promote, your fans are interested in what you have to offer. Exceed their expectations by giving content that your fans not only expect, but also helps them in one way or another. Creating and sharing valuable content helps you position yourself as a leader in your field, and results in more engaging content. 

3 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist

Ask questions to get engagement 

Do you want to hear from your audience, or boost engagement on your page? It’s no secret that more engaged Facebook posts get more traction in newsfeed, so instead of boosting your post, just ask a question. Let your fans know that you want to hear from them. It can be simple, like asking for recommendations for a favorite show, or it can be related to your brand. Get them involved in what you are doing, and they will likely be a lifelong and engaged audience. 

3 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist

Put personality into your posts 

Whether you are a fortune 500 company, or a small business of 1, your audience wants to know there is a person behind the computer screen. Not only should you put some personality into your Facebook books, but you should also be relatable to your community. Be human, and others will respond with enthusiasm since it’s such a rarity with online businesses. Remember to keep it somewhat relevant though. As much as your fans may love you, most probably don't want to hear about your breakfast, unless of course you are a food or nutrition blogger ;) 

3 Facebook Tips from a Social Media Strategist

Schedule posts directly on FACEBOOK 

We all know the saying “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” And we can all relate. I literally ain’t got time for posting to Facebook and other social media multiple times a day, but I do have time to schedule a handful of Facebook posts for the upcoming week. Just hit the dropdown menu next to Publish, and choose Schedule. Bam, you are all set. 

What are your tips for managing your Facebook Page? How do you stay on top of it all?