ABOUT brit

In my past life, I was a lifestyle photography business owner. After our recent move from WA to PA, I decided not to reopen my photography business, but instead gear my efforts sharing my knowledge and experiences in my past two jobs.

I am currently a Clickin Moms Mentor, and social media strategist & photographer at Evermine. I found my love for blogging when I was a marketing coordinator at Design Aglow. Creating a blog and filling it with education for bloggers and business owners feels like a natural next move.


When I'm not blogging or photographing flowers, I can be found chasing around my two boys, Landon who is 5, and Calvin who is 3. I may also be chugging coffee, watching cat videos (google 'cats & cucumbers', you're welcome), and creating Lightroom presets. In that order, and sometimes all at once. 

I love hearing from other creatives, so please don't hesitate to reach out. My website revamp is intended to help, education, and inspire, so if you have topic suggestions or a tutorial wishlist, let me know on social media, or email me at brit@britchandler.com. Want to collab? I love creating with others. Send me a note! XOXO -B

Guest posting and collaborating are
a few of my favorite things. If you'd like to
chat about a project, inquire about guest posting,
or ask about anything photography related,
please don't hesitate to reach out!




I have a great little home office/studio space in my home. We were lucky enough to find a home with the perfect amount of bedrooms to allow for me to have this awesome space. To view more images of my studio, click below.