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Apartment Living Room Before & After

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Well, it's been over a year since I've updated my blog. And a lot has happened. A lot. 

I am now the owner of Social Strategy Co., a boutique consulting and photography agency for small businesses. Since my last post, the boys and I have also moved into an adorable downtown apartment. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the decor (thanks guys!) so I decided to share some photos of the before and after from our living room, and more of the entire place once I feel it's "complete".

Because the apartment is technically a one bedroom, I put a daybed that pulls out into a king sized bed in the room. It looks like additional seating, but it's also where I sleep! I love having such a small place with only the minimal live necessities (and lots of candles). 

The decor shown on the left are images from the apartment when I first came to see it. The colors and decor weren't my style, but were very high end and elegant. I instantly saw the potential for the apartment, and knew I had to bring in smaller pieces and paint to make it my own. 

The last tenant opted for a queen sized, four poster bed (like most grown men would). But I decided that I didn't need an entire room dedicated to sleeping, so I switched things up and made this room my living room. It's the brightest room in the apartment, and it's the first thing you see when you walk in. I love this space and am so happy I decided to make it the living room, since this is where I love to "live". 

Also, can we talk about that mirror?! It's at least 10 feet tall. The ceilings have to be at least 18 feet high, and that mirror is such a statement piece that stays with the apartment. The mirror and chandelier are original to the building, which was built in the 1800s. Crazy! And I don't even think it's haunted. Thank goodness, because that would have been a bummer ;) 


My poor mantle has had zero styling. I just threw my knick knacks and candles up there and tried to arrange them in a pleasing way. My side table next to the fireplace has two table lamps on it, neither of which are plugged in. I will eventually style those little pieces, but for now it's all rogue.

I spoiled myself with one first record player, and love it! I bought a few random vinyls from Salvation Army, and plan on adding to my collection slowly but surely. I also found that pressed fern in one of my big decor books, and had to frame it in that specimen frame. A big art piece will eventually hang there, but I like it's look for now. 

That's the end of the before and after tour! Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you want to see more of! 


Employee to Entrepreneur Part II: The Middle

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After writing and publishing my last blog post, I was asked to stay on and train my replacement at my job, so my last official day was March 1st. My last paycheck has been deposited, I have deleted my work files off of my laptop, and I removed my company email address from my mail apps. I am officially an entrepreneur. Since my last installment of Employee to Entrepreneur, everything and nothing has changed. To start, my original entrepreneurial venture has changed, not that you guys would know that. I haven’t announced what I am working on, but let me tell you… it’s bigger than me and I find that to be terrifying. I wanted to share my thoughts on this part of my metamorphosis to an entrepreneur, as it’s an important one. The last few times I found myself here, I quit. 


To be quite honest, the harder I work and the closer I get to the “finish line” (launching my new site), the closer I get to throwing in the towel. If I wrote down everything I ever started and crossed out what I quit, 99% of that list would be slashed. It’s a tough realization, but an important one for me to face. The idea of possible failure has been looming over my head, like a suspicious cloud on a sunny day. It’s not easy to think about putting myself out there in such a vulnerable way, knowing my idea might not take off, my website might go unnoticed, and that my venture could be a waste. But all of these maybes and possibles and mights will continue to be acknowledged, and then forced out of my brain. 

"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.” -Napoleon Hill

I have not been defeated, nor will I, if I don’t give up.  


I have been unemployed for a month now, and I feel like a different person. My constant state of mommy-guilt has been lightened. It’s not completely gone, but I don’t think that feeling ever truly goes away. I will say that trying to include an 8 hour work day on top of making breakfast, getting 3 people dressed (two of which act like they are unfamiliar with clothing), a trip to the gym, making lunch, taking a kid to school, keeping one kid alive and fed and occupied, keeping the house presentable, and trying to launch a business was just too much. Being able to decide how much work I get done in a single day in relation to what is going on in my house is one of life’s simple pleasures. I feel much less pressure to work and work and work. I still work from home with kids, but it’s on my time. And it’s work that I absolutely love. 


My joy this month is making the easy decision to join a co-working space that is filled with other creatives. I know that one of the perks of being an online business owner is the lack of a monthly lease, but working in a noisy home office with 15-30 intervals of peace was not allowing me to get my best work done. And having the option to bounce ideas and thoughts off of other people who think like me (or better yet, think differently than me)? Yes please. Not to mention having fresh eyes on my website, an outside perspective on an idea, and people who just love to be creative. 

This journey was never going to be an easy one. But the good news is that I am walking it to help others who will someday find themselves on this same path. Hint hint 😉  

Employee to Entrepreneur Part I: The Beginning

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Employee to Entrepreneur Series Part 1: The Beginning

Today marks one week until my last day as an employee of Evermine. I will be transitioning from a 4 day work week as a Social Media Strategist & Blogger, to an entrepreneur. To be honest, typing the word “entrepreneur” makes me jittery. To pursue something with an unknown outcome, and with a coordinating unknown income? It’s not for the weak. That being said, I decided to start a blog series about my transition, titled "Employee to Entrepreneur." I will litter the posts with fears, truths, and joys. Here is part 1.


I used to get a thrill from being able to tell people my company’s name, my job title, and little tidbits about my job description. Social acceptance is my middle name, and for the first four years of my adult life, my job title was “mom”, and that really got to me. Even though I absolutely loved being home with my kids, seeing my friends pursue real jobs with real titles and real educations made me jealous. Being able to say I had a job was like a long-time single gal introducing her new husband. Now that I am leaving the shelter of employment, I am not really sure what to say when asked that now dreaded question, “What do you do?" When I think about telling people that I am an entrepreneur, I replay this conversion from The Social Network in my head: 

Amy: So what do you do?

Sean Parker: I’m an entrepreneur.

Amy: You’re unemployed. 

Yikes, but that truly is how I feel about the term “entrepreneur”. Unless you can stick something more real, more solid behind it, entrepreneur seems like a more attractive way of saying that you are unemployed. Which I guess I technically am, since my new business venture is making absolutely no income at the moment. Yay! Entrepreneurial journey, here I come. 


I think the first step of entrepreneurial life is being ok with not having a steady income stream in the beginning of your journey. Most of us don’t quit our day jobs to pursue our dreams, and already have a solid second income available. (Or do we? Have I totally missed the memo? Am I an idiot? Should I go beg for my job back? WTF am I doing?!?!) Creating something from nothing is not an easy task, and I think the majority of us never even get around to the “quitting our day job” part because the unknown is so scary. What if I fail? What if my idea sucks? What if someone else does it better? What if I never make any money ever again? Questions like these keep most employees from pulling the entrepreneurial trigger. But for some of us, the fears and questions and unknown are outweighed by the thrill of doing what we were born to do:  create.


When I was reading Mad Genius recently, there was a sentence that leapt off the page and into my soul. It read, “Entrepreneurs are psychologically unemployable.” I had to reread that statement to make sure I was comprehending it correctly, because I could have sworn I said a version of that sentence to my husband. I often felt unemployable, because I couldn’t touch EVERY part of the business, and it drove me nuts. I’m the social media strategist, but I want to change the brand. I’m the marketing coordinator, but I think we should lower prices. I’m the blog editor, but the product needs updated. I never felt successful because I could only touch a few aspects of the entire company. I saw holes, and gaps, and mistakes, but didn’t have the leverage to speak up and change EVERYTHING. Also, telling your boss all of the mistakes he or she is making will definitely not win someone boss points. I spoke up when I could, but it still didn’t change the company into my company, which is apparently what I needed.

I didn’t know this at the time, but my intense longing to change everything was a side effect of being a born and bred entrepreneur. Psychologically, it pained me to be an employee. While I was lucky enough to be employed at creative companies, I still couldn’t shake the feeling of needing more, wanting more, touching more, and creating more. And guess what? I am now capable of doing exactly what I want to do, exactly when I want to do it. Will there be failure? More than likely. Success? Maybe so. But freedom to create, and touch everything? You bet. And I am thrilled and absolutely terrified to see where that takes me. 

Stay tuned for more fears, truths, and joys in my next installment of Employee to Entrepreneur.